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Step & Repeat/Backdrop

We have a large variety of options for step and repeats. From the newest design that are frameless to the standard pipe and base system. All prints are completed in house, with high quality grand format digital printers.
We offer a variety of materials, such as; fabrics, canvas, vinyls and boards.
All prints are fully customizable, with no restrictions on color or logo quantities. We offer UV, Solvent, Latex and Dye Sublimation Inks.

We offer multiple package deals which give you the option to rent or purchase the hardware needed for your step & repeat.
These packages include:
Customized backdrop, step and repeat stands and frames, red carpet, stanchions and lights.

Infinity Frame Step and Repeat

For the past few years, our most popular and high demanding step and repeat type has been the infinity frames. They have a frameless appearance, that displays a drum tight fabric graphic from edge to edge.

We can use backlit, blockout or regular fabrics for this frame system. Keep in mind that with this system there will be no wrinkles, no warping and it lays flat.

Press Wall

A press wall is basically a hard-paneled backdrop that stands on its own. This system is common for high-end events.

They are printed on solid substrate and custom wall feet are used for this system to stand the panels

Pop-Up Step and Repeat

The pop-up step and repeat is so quick and easy to assemble with its pop-up frame. All you have to do is attach the fabric graphic on to the pop-up frame with velcro, and fold it along with the frame. When your next show comes around, simply expand the pop-up frame, and your graphic will expand with it and you will be ready to go.

The max size our company offers is 8’ tall x 20’ wide

It is only available in fabric and it comes with velcro finishing.

Pipe and Base Step and Repeat

Pipe and base step and repeats are the standard solution for backdrops. These frames are adjustable and easy to set up.

The materials offered with this system are fabrics or vinyls with pipe pocket finishing or grommets.

Pillowcase Step and Repeat

Our pillowcase step and repeat consist of a lightweight but durable aluminum hardware and a Fabric Dye-Sublimated Print. The hardware is inserted inside the print, much like a pillow into a pillowcase (hence the name). The fabric print is stretched tight across the frame and zipped close.

The max size offered is 8’ tall x 10’ wide

Only fabric is available for this system which comes with a zipper sewn on the bottom

Design and File Types

We'll take care of designing for you! We offer free file layout as well as a proof email for you to approve prior to printing your step & repeat. Our customer service and graphic design team will help you create the step and repeat you imagined!

Recommended File Formats for Logos:
.ai • .eps • .pdf (vector)

Accepted File Formats for Logos.
.jpeg • .tiff • .png